EPUS Global Energy formally opens its doors after completing initial equity raise, combining oil and gas experience with unique financing options to create income producing assets for investors.

Newly formed EPUS Global Energy takes advantage of the current low priced environment and recently passed legislation allowing Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), high net worth individuals and family offices to directly invest in high quality oil and gas assets.

Soon EPUS Global Energy will launch its first Limited Partnership targeting one of the assets currently under review and ready to be closed on. To receive information on this visit our website or contact us directly.

“When I decided to return to the oil and gas industry it was because the game had changed, today we can go directly to the investor and avoid the fees associated with investment bankers and Wall Street,” said Jeff Johnson. “Add to that the availability of low priced currently producing assets and great people and I knew it was time to come back in.”

The strategy is simple, acquire good stable assets in unstable or distressed situations, hedge the production to insure a solid rate of return and perform for our investors. Using oil and gas as a stable income-producing asset is a strategy whose time has finally come.

About EPUS Global Energy: EPUS Global Energy is a privately held energy company engaged in the business of purchasing producing assets through the use of unique funding mechanisms that allow domestic and international Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and high net worth individuals to directly invest in income producing opportunities. 

EPUS Global Energy
Jeff Johnson, 888-360-3787

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