What We Do

The Opportunity

The global upset in oil prices has created what many consider to be a generational opportunity to bridge the gap between accredited investors and institutional grade investments in energy and energy infrastructure.

EPUS Global Energy agrees. 

Is your money “stuck” in a “dead” investment? Are you earning less than 10%?

What if…

  • You are stuck in a dead end annuity…
  • Your hard earned money could be redeployed in to an income producing alternative
  • You could make an 8- 10% annual distribution rate
  • You could start accruing money day 1 and get a predictable distribution every month
  • You get preferred status, get paid first and have an upside on exit
  • There is a 3-5 year exit strategy
  • You could mitigate against market risk, interest rate risk & the “boom & bust” risk
  • Your investment would be backed by hard assets
  • You could get substantial tax benefits due to the new tax laws
  • You could be in the oil business without being in the “oil business”

“The 506c exemption is a game changing event in the financial markets that has created an unprecedented avenue where accredited investors can participate in investment opportunities.  At EPUS, we are in the Oil business without having to be in the “Oil” business.  With every barrel of oil produced come several barrels of water.  As new and exciting sources of oil are developed in the United States the need for water disposal & transportation becomes critical.  Simply put, by definition, an oil well is a water well, oil cannot be produced without getting rid of the water.  That’s what we do.  We are investing in the oil business without taking on risks that are associated with drilling and producing oil wells.”  Recognizing this, EPUS has focused on being ‘in the right place at the right time’. We invest not in the oil, but in the water.”

– Jeff Johnson, CEO and Founder