• Bridging the Gap

    Between Investors & Energy Investing

    “Water Is The New Oil”

The Opportunity: Buy Low Sell High

Offering institutional grade investments in the energy space to accredited investors while providing RIA’s with an alternative investment for their clients.  Oil price fluctuations have created an unprecedented opportunity within the energy space to acquire institutional grade assets at a significant discount. At EPUS Global Energy we bring our unit holders the opportunity to invest in Salt Water Disposal Wells (SWD) and water infrastructure. These investments provide a more stable price environment than investing directly in oil and gas and provide significant income tax savings similar to IDC’s in the oil patch. Typically such investments provide double digit distributions, a 3-5 year exit strategy and are closed to the public, only available to financial institutions and wall street “insiders.” Well, times have changed. Thanks to the JOBS Act and the chaos in oil prices these opportunities are now available to accredited investors.

Oil Production and Water go Hand-in-Hand

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“Bridging the gap between investors and cash flowing assets has never been more important. The stock market has proven once again that wild swings are possible and investors need to balance those investments with non-correlated assets. We partner with investors to buy water assets in the energy space, providing a solid income stream with a 3-5 year exit strategy, looking to avoid commodity price risk, stock market risk, interest rate risk and the boom and bust cycles while sharing the upside of providing a critical service to the industry.”

-Jeff Johnson, CEO & Founder

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