U.S. count of active drilling rigs fell for the fourth consecutive week, but the counts in Permian Basin and Texas reversed their three-week declines by adding rigs last week. Baker Hughes said as of May 26 there were 711 rigs in U.S., down 9 in the past week from 720 and down 44 in the past month from 755. The U.S. count last week was down from a year ago (728) for the first time since April 2021.

Permian added a rig in the past week to reach 350 (342 year ago), and Texas added 2 rigs to reach 359 (358 year ago). New Mexico’s rig count declined 1 to 109 (98 year ago).

Louisiana is No. 3 among states with 54 rigs (56 previous week, 61 year ago) followed by Oklahoma with 46 rigs (51 previous week, 59 year ago) and North Dakota with 37 rigs (37 previous week, 59 year ago). Eagle Ford in south Texas is No. 2 among regions with 60 rigs (59 previous week, 66 year ago) followed by Haynesville in east Texas and Louisiana with 54 (57 previous week, 69 year ago), Marcellus with 39 (unchanged in past week) and Williston with 38 (also unchanged). (PB Oil and Gas)

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