The oil and gas industry provides more than just a product, it's the search for economic freedom and a supply of industrial oxygen critical to our nation, but producing hydrocarbons takes more than a drilling rig, it is a team effort and requires companies and resources to work together in a dance that begins with planning, data evaluation, land management, construction, infrastructure and lots of hard work.
Drilling for oil is complicated and risky, but when you boil it all down the requirements for success are simple: people, land, infrastructure, a producing well and water.
This is where EPUS enters the picture. We invest in hydrocarbon producing wells and companies that provide the necessary infrastructure to produce those hydrocarbons. We buy wells that are already drilled, with oil that is already being produced. Likewise, we invest in the services that are required to produce those hydrocarbons no matter what the price of oil is.
This strategy is designed to generate income for our unit holders, while avoiding the risks associated with field discovery and development… particularly drilling risk.
Why do we do it this way? While we can't predict what the price of oil will be tomorrow, what we can predict is change. If we look at the last 20 years of oil prices, the price fluctuates from lows of around $10 a barrel to a high of about $140. We also know, In the oil and gas business there are some services that are required whether the price is $25 dollars or $100.
While these price fluctuations and persistent costs present a real challenge for the industry, they also provide an opportunity for timely investors. You see the team at EPUS Global Energy doesn't try to predict when prices will be the highest and we don't try to predict the bottom of the curve either. If we draw a band across the middle of the graph the strategy becomes obvious. When the price heads down that creates an opportunity to invest in income producing assets… both oil and gas and the required infrastructure to produce it. You see Lower oil prices not only make producing assets cost less, it makes it possible to capture market share for key services in producing regions. As we put capital to work, we provide our unit holders an income stream and when the prices go up, we look to sell those assets into the rising price curve, providing a liquidity event for our unit holders.
Our model is different and thanks to changes in the laws our capital sources are different as well. Our investors bypass the traditional fees associated with investment bankers, banks and private equity funds while eliminating the risks of the stock market.
A simple strategy: oil prices go up and they go down, but they are never zero. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, give us a call at 682-316-8778 or visit our website at and of course, you are always welcome to come visit us in person at 500 Main Street, Suite 820, Fort Worth, TX 76102,
and see what makes us different.

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