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oil investmentThe Opportunity

The downturn in oil prices has created a generational opportunity to invest in producing oil assets and related infrastructure. Not long ago such investments were closed to the public and only available to large financial institutions and wall street “insiders.” Well, times have changed. Thanks to the JOBS Act, these opportunities are now available to the public.

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Industry News

An oil crisis may be brewing — and it’s not because of decreasing demand

Some think the oil market is approaching peak demand as electric vehicles become more popular. But others think the oil industry...

Global oil demand in 2017 grew fastest in a decade: IEA

Global oil demand rose by 1.5 million barrels a day in 2017, growing at 1.6 per cent, more than twice the...

‘Enormous’ Merge Play Resource Rivals Major World Gas Fields, Largest Discoveries

Producers in the recently opened Merge play of Oklahoma’s Anadarko Basin are sitting atop a resource that rivals some of the...


“Epus Global Energy is bridging the gap between High Net Worth Investors, RIA’s, Family Offices and income producing assets. We are a new kind of company that applies data gathering and processing techniques. The idea is to enable artificial intelligence, cloud computing and industry knowledge to drive our decision-making process.

Exhuming information stuck in “data graveyards” and putting this data through the value chain gives us the ability to root out undiscovered, off-market real assets.”

-Jeff Johnson, CEO & Founder

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