• <p>"Pioneer Sunset" was taken on a Pioneer Natural Resources lease about 7 miles south of Stanton Texas on June 7th 2013. The Image features a Pioneer Pump Jack and redeveloping super cell thunderstorm which earlier produced several tornadoes near Andrews Texas. "Epic" and "Passage To Midnight" show the same storm as it continued to redevelop into the evening. Oil & Gas Photography By Robert D. Flaherty.</p>
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    A New Day,
    A New Opportunity for Oil & Investing.

    Buy Low. Sell High. Make Money.

Buy Low, Sell High, Make Money.


The downturn in oil prices has created what many consider to be a generational opportunity for oil investment. EPUS Global Energy agrees.

Our targeted hold period is 2-5 years, or when the market dictates a selling opportunity. EPUS will buy existing production rather than raise the risk with drilling.

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“What if we could buy a barrel of oil for less than $15 today, and hold it for 2-5 years, then sell it for more than we paid for it? And, generate income of 8% to 14% per year, during that hold period. Would you do it? I think we can.”

-Jeff Johnson, CEO & Founder

Will Oil Prices Rise?

Watch this 2 minute video on the supply and demand of oil

The opportunity exist right now, join us.

EPUS is looking for like minded investors to embark in what we believe to be a generational opportunity.