• Bridging the Gap
    Between Investors & Energy Investing.

    Buy Low. Sell High. Make Money.

oil investmentThe Opportunity

Offering institutional grade investments in the energy space to independent investors while providing RIA’s with an alternative investment for their clients. Typically such investments are closed to the public and only available to financial institutions and wall street “insiders.” Well, times have changed. Thanks to the JOBS Act, the uptick in oil prices and an improved economy these opportunities are now available to the public.

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Industry News

The Energy World is Changing…Fast

What more can I possibly say? Oil is trading at a 3.5 year high. Missiles are flying over Riyadh. Global oil...

Forget Iran. The Real Oil Action Is in China

Surging products exports and declining domestic fields are driving an imports boom. Forget Iran, shale and Opec. The real action in...

A Crisis At The Heart Of U.S. Shale

The bottlenecks in the Permian are starting to capture the attention of the oil market, raising the prospect that U.S. shale...


“Bridging the gap between investors and cash flowing assets has never been more important. The stock market is up, yet yields are still very low.  We partner with investors to buy assets in the energy space, providing an income stream with a 3-5 year exit strategy.

At the same time we avoid commodity price risk, stock market risk and interest rate risk.”

-Jeff Johnson, CEO & Founder

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