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The downturn in oil prices has created a generational opportunity to invest in producing oil assets and related infrastructure. Not long ago such investments were closed to the public and only available to large financial institutions and wall street “insiders.” Well, times have changed. Thanks to the JOBS Act, these opportunities are now available to the public.

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Industry News

How can investors miss one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in decades?

Sprott Energy Strategy, March 2018 Commentary How can one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in decades stare investors in the...

2018 Crude Storage Estimate Is Unbelievably Bullish

The EIA oil storage report shows crude storage decline of 7.419 million bbls vs. our forecast of 7.84 million bbls. We...

Revenge Of The Oil Services Sector In 2018

For those looking for something to blunt the seemingly unstoppable growth of American tight-oil production, look no further than the battered...


“Epus Global Energy is bridging the gap between High Net Worth Investors, RIA’s, Family Offices and income producing assets. We are a new kind of company that applies data gathering and processing techniques. The idea is to enable artificial intelligence, cloud computing and industry knowledge to drive our decision-making process.

Exhuming information stuck in “data graveyards” and putting this data through the value chain gives us the ability to root out undiscovered, off-market real assets.”

-Jeff Johnson, CEO & Founder

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