EPUS is bridging the gap between RIAs & Alternative Investments


What if there was a platform where RIA’s, Family Offices & Accredited Investors could own income producing Real Oil Assets without taking any drilling risks?

What if these assets had a history of generating income year after year after year?

Fund 1 Highlights:

  • Preferred Monthly Distributions
  • As oil prices go up, distributions go up
  • Backed by real assets
  • No egregious fees
  • Estimated 2-5 year hold period

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Focused, Transparent, Cutting-Edge.

EPUS maintains a disciplined approach to providing oil and gas income producing investments with diverse assets and transparent communication to our RIA’s, who we consider valued partners and not just a source of capital.

  • Benefit from Existing Production
  • No Drilling Risk Involved
  • Fixed Expenses with Operations
  • No “Dry Holes”
  • 3rd Party Audits
  • 3rd Party Engineering
  • 3rd Party Accounting
  • Secure Investor Portal
Investor Portal
  • Online Access to All Documentation
  • Easily Navigate Multiple Client Profiles
  • Track ROI for Clients
  • View Upcoming Opportunities
  • 10 Minute Subscription Process
  • Client Education Webinars
  • Optional SMS/Text Message Updates
  • Investor Portal
  • Industry News Blog

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