What We Do


The Opportunity

Cash flow… no drilling required.

The downturn in oil prices has created what many consider to be a generational opportunity.

EPUS Global Energy agrees.

Oil and gas producers who overbought and over-leveraged themselves are now caught in the middle. Banks, boards and investors are forcing those companies to raise cash by selling prime assets.

EPUS is positioned to seize this opportunity.

“A game changing event in the financial markets that will forever change the way capital finds opportunity, combined with oil and gas prices we have not seen since 2004 create a generational opportunity for investors. Between bank loans coming due, busted debt covenants and capital calls for drilling commitments, many small to mid-size oil companies are being forced to sell non-core, income producing assets at bargain prices.”

– Jeff Johnson, CEO and Founder

The Plan

Acquire good stable assets in unstable distressed situations.  This approach, versus drilling, reduces risk while providing monthly revenue.

Our strategy is simple;

  • Purchase existing wells from motivated sellers
  • Realize cash flow from existing producing wells
  • Sell those assets when oil prices go up

Buy low, sell high, make money and receive a targeted 8-14% yield during the hold period.