Community Involvement

EPUS CEO, Jeff Johnson, shakes hands with the local patrol officer, who’s on horseback of course…it’s Fort Worth.

Stepping outside our office in Downtown Ft. Worth the men in blue are on horseback.

Mounted teams can always be seen in the Stockyards areas; however, two-officer teams are assigned to other sections of the city as needed. The teams are highly visible, very effective, and go wherever they are needed. Their special maneuverability enables them to be effective at area malls, hospital parking lots, downtown, or residential areas. The mounted units are especially useful in searching rugged terrain for lost or deceased persons.
Horses have been used for riot and crowd control for centuries. The crowd control training is arduous and very demanding for both horse and rider. The Fort Worth Mounted Unit conducts training in these techniques every month and is ready any day to assemble and, with the help of SWAT and other crowd-control officers, to help deal with any such problem. The mounted unit has come a long way indeed from the day of the single volunteer officer. For more information on the Mounted Patrol, click here.

EPUS Supports Aspiring Houston Chef

Joann Loomis earns the right to represent the State of Texas in National Event.

Joann Loomis and her teacher, Chef Gumm at the annual State of Texas finals for Culinary Arts

On June 19th of this year Joann will compete at the Skills USA national convention in Louisville Kentucky in Culinary Arts and we are very proud to be financially and spiritually supporting her.

About Joann: she was born in Dallas in 1998 to a family with deep roots in Texas (6 generations), and moved to Houston in 2001 and has been here ever since. She is a true competitor and has mixed athletics and culinary creations into her lifestyle. She is a Taylor varsity volleyball player, a beach volleyball player, a coach, a swimmer, scuba diver and an avid lover of food. Her goal after graduation is to get a BA in Restaurant Management from the University of Houston, continue to develop her culinary skills and then pursue those culinary dreams by opening her own restaurant.

For more information on the contest and Joann, visit her “Go Fund Me Page”

EPUS Community Support

At EPUS Global Energy we support our community.

We work hard and we like to share in our success with others in our community.  EPUS Global Energy is a small company with big aspirations and we like to support those who dream big, are facing big challenges, or just need a helping hand.

“In all my years in the oil and gas business I have been blessed to meet some of the most interesting people, be involved in great projects and been lucky more times than I can count”, said Jeff Johnson, CEO of EPUS Global Energy.  “So it’s only natural that when we see a good cause and we have the means we want to support it.”

EPUS Global Energy welcomes submissions from our stake holders and our community and if possible we would love to lend a helping hand.  Send inquiries to