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U.S. Crude Oil Production Hits Record 12 Million Bpd
February 25, 2019

U.S. crude oil production hit a record 12 million bpd in the week ending February 15, rising by 100,000 bpd from…

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Continental Reports Surge in STACK, SCOOP Production
February 19, 2019

Continental Resources Inc. reported production increases across the board, including a surge in the Midcontinent, and said plans are on track…

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IHS: Anadarko Basin emerges as top onshore play outside of Permian
January 22, 2019

The greater Anadarko Basin, a prolific source of conventional U.S. oil and gas production since the 1950s, holds an estimated 16…

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A plunge in the price of crude in the last six weeks caught many investors by surprise, but it may prove short-lived.
December 7, 2018

Bottom Line: Morgan Stanley’s Global Oil Strategist Martijn Rats expects oil prices to rebound near the end of the year. That…

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Is It Too Late To Avoid An Oil Supply Crisis?
November 23, 2018

Wood Mackenzie isn’t pulling any punches. “The warning signs are there – the industry isn’t finding enough oil.” And its latest…

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Oil Execs Share Permian Water Disposal Worries
November 13, 2018

If Permian oil and gas production is going to continue to thrive, operators need reliable and affordable access to more water…

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Fund H20 finishes the Gun Barrel
October 26, 2018

Fund H20 finishes the Gun Barrel on our Salt Water Disposal facility in the STACK/SCOOP.  

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100 million barrels: The world hit a daily oil and liquids record
October 12, 2018

The world is pumping out more oil and other petroleum liquids than ever before. Global supply rose to 100.3 million barrels…

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OPEC ‘powerless to prevent’ oil prices jumping toward $100 a barrel this year
October 2, 2018

China initially rejected a U.S. request to choke off the flow of petrodollars to Iran but, amid intense pressure from the…

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Drowning in dirty water, Permian seeks $22 billion lifeline
September 8, 2018

In the dry, dusty plains of West Texas, home to America’s most prolific oil play, the problem isn’t too little water,…

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