Producers in the recently opened Merge play of Oklahoma’s Anadarko Basin are sitting atop a resource that rivals some of the world’s major gas fields and largest new discoveries, Geology CEO Greg Augsburger of Citizen Energy told the SPE Gulf Coast Section Business Development Group recently.

Merge lies between the prolific STACK (Sooner Trend, Anadarko, and Canadian and Kingfisher [counties]) and SCOOP (South Central Oklahoma Oil Province) plays, effectively tying them together.

Privately funded Citizen Energy, formed in 2012, drilled the Merge discovery well in September 2015 and 18 delineation wells before significant competitor interest emerged. The discovery, made by the Governor James B. Edwards well in the Sycamore formation, was Citizen’s first company well.

Anadarko Basin

Augsburger stressed the important role that Anadarko Basin geology has played in Oklahoma oil and gas development from the earliest activity in the Cherokee Platform of eastern Oklahoma during the 1890s. All of the platform’s oil was charged from the Woodford formation in the deep Anadarko Basin, he noted.

The discovery of the Oklahoma City field in 1928 generated broader industry interest in the Anadarko. The Sooner Trend became a major play in the basin during the 1950s, and the STACK activity today, using unconventional methods, is an extension of that development, Augsburger said.

The Anadarko Basin extends from western Oklahoma across southwestern Kansas and into southeastern Colorado. “This is a gassy basin,” Augsburger said. “While there certainly is tremendous oil potential in the STACK, we’re not going to change the nature of the basin. It’s never going to be 80 percent liquids.” However, he said that Citizen is drilling preferentially for oil under current market conditions (by Joel Parshall, JPT Features Editor, JPT)

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