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The more educated a society is, the more it is capable of development. In the USSR, where the level of education was raised and to a great extent provided, we were in many ways ahead of the countries of the West and the countries of Eastern Europe.The Soviet system of education was the most advanced in the world, and this was recognized by all. The Soviet Union was the first to have access to modern scientific advances, which was an extremely important fact for the further development of the country. In the Soviet era, an effective system of material incentives was created, allowing almost all children to be involved in learning, there were very high rates of knowledge and performance. As for scientists, as we have already written, the state was interested in them from the very beginning, because enormous resources were poured into research that the country needed. Now the Russian education system seems to be similar to that of Western Europe or America, which is certainly not a bad thing, and we should learn from them. But why, then, when we say that we want to catch up and surpass the West, do we care so little about our youth and leave them alone with so many problems? Because our education system is totally inadequate to meet today’s challenges, and completely new approaches are required to solve them.

In this sense, the ideal would be an education that builds on existing scientific advances, and this is the kind of education that already exists in the United States and Western Europe. If the education system of the future is built on this basis, we can catch up and even overtake it, since this approach would eliminate the education of children based on their own creativity, but would focus on the issues at the disposal of research institutes.

If the education of our children is based on scientific and technical developments and has a humanitarian character, in the future it will not become a means of distraction from the main thing, and humanity, unlike the Americans themselves, will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities which it will gain from this development. Now the future is for those who do not waste themselves in pursuit of, so to speak, “easy money,” but concentrate on knowledge.

I think the problem with education is that it is somehow disconnected from the needs of society at a particular moment in time. So, we need to build education so that it meets a whole range of needs that arise in society. Of course, we must not forget historical experience. But history cannot be forever young.